How Top Instagram Influencers are Making Waves

How Top Instagram Influencers are Making Waves

How Top Instagram Influencers are Making Waves 535 489 DMI - Personal Care DMI - Personal Care

The Future of Top Instagram Influencers and Beauty Products

We are living, breathing, and consuming social media at an all time high. Whether it’s to catch up with friends, live vicariously through a celebrity’s universe, or seek inspiration – our eyes rarely drift from the social media target.

With everyone at attention, popular brands and individuals can reap the benefits knowing exactly who their target audience is, why they’re watching, and when they’ll be watching. Several top Instagram influencers have transitioned from working with brands to becoming the brand. Industries that have seen a tremendous influx of influencer entrepreneurs are the personal care and beauty sectors, and believe us when we say business is good.

So, why are influencers and the beauty industry such an effective combination?

They’re the celebrities next door

Years back, engaging with a celebrity was limited to watching them on T.V. or reading about them in a magazine. Today, anyone with a significant following could be comparable to a celebrity, but still human. This human factor is what makes this partnership even more attractive. They’re real people, selling real things, for real people.

It’s not about the hard sale

Advertising used to be about showing a witty ad and making a sale. The exchange of information is a little more complex nowadays. One of the great things about social media is that you get to engage with a brand or influencer behind the scenes. Brands are beginning to understand that being transparent and sharing what’s behind the curtain is extremely attractive to consumers. Influencers reign supreme in this area because their livelihood depends on their candidness.

Get up close and personal with the products

Anytime we make a purchase online, especially if it’s a new product, apprehension ensues. We want to generate as much information as possible before we take the plunge. Seeing someone use it, manipulate it, and review it will not only strengthen our interest in using a novel beauty product but also give us peace of mind to leave our existing brands behind.

Consumers are heavily drawn to brands that are approachable. Influencers have been given the platform to inspire, promote, and now, sell. Experimenting with beauty products is an intimate process, and knowing that a respected influencer is behind it can help erase timidity.


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