Beauty Industry Trends

Beauty Industry Trends

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4 Significant Trends that have Changed the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has seen its fair share of change over the course of several eons. What we know as the beauty industry today is a far cry from the kohl-wearing ancient Egyptians trying to master the elusive smoky eye. Over the last decade, we’ve seen a surplus of trends moving away from heavy parabens and fillers, animal testing, a total overhaul of the true definition of beauty, and so much more.

So, where are we at as we edge closer and closer to a brand new decade? As of late, the beauty industry has transitioned into more than a product-focused supply and demand chain. It has developed into a $532 billion-dollar industry, and for good reason. It has become an industry of the people, by the people, and for the people. Here’s what happened:

Technological advancement

When you have the right technology, you can expect an improvement in product performance and their respective tools. Any product or tool that streamlines one’s beauty regimen is valuable. There’s nothing more attractive to consumers than a brand that is innovative and forward-thinking.


Fewer and fewer consumers are interested in what big name brands have to say. Today, the goal is to dabble with brands that are transparent, relatable, and approachable. For this reason, individuals feel like they have the green light to experiment and stray from the beaten path. This means that customized solutions and hyper-personalization is in high demand. It’s a one size does not fit all mentality.

Real beauty

Call it real beauty or natural beauty, the takeaway is it’s obtainable for everyone. Traditional beauty advertisements didn’t do much exploration in the diversity department. Thanks to brave thought leaders, we have seen the inclusion of every size, skin tone, and gender. Beauty norms are no longer measured in terms of symmetry, but in terms of confidence.

Environmental consciousness

It seems that most industries have acknowledged that the resources responsible for their livelihood are not always going to be plentiful. When it comes to the beauty industry, the focus has shifted to finding ways to use less plastics and packaging, moving towards cruelty-free animal testing, and using more natural, less harmful ingredients. This impact has been significant, with an increase in natural, clean beauty brands and an evolution of existing companies changing their dated business strategies.


So, here’s where we’re at as we enter a new decade. For the first time, we are following an agenda that has a respectable outcome. The beauty industry welcomes diversity and encourages an influx of pioneers to show consumers some new and improved ways to define beauty. DMI Personal Care can help you establish yourself as a brand. And if you have already made a name for yourself – let us show you how to create something tangible.