Quality Systems

We are an FDA Registered, cGMP Manufacturing Facility, with a voluntary UL Certification.

Quality Management is an extremely rigorous methodology at DMI, and it is the epicenter of our company. We are driven to ensure that the quality of our products is consistent and that we always support a culture of quality excellence throughout our organization.

Our ERP System is robust in quality functionality, which provides for quality oversight and release at every gateway to the next step in each part of the process, from Incoming Receipts, to raw material releases, to bulk approvals, to finished good releases to ship. Quality oversees and controls every aspect of our business and is the single largest department in the company after production.

Our Team clearly understands and embraces a key performance fact…. quality is the single most important component of our processes that will earn and keep our customer’s trust. We are unified in our communication that QUALITY is the single strongest force multiplier for our growth.