Best Makeup Trends for Summer 2021

Best Makeup Trends for Summer 2021

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Let’s Talk About the Best Makeup Trends for Summer 2021

Summer is all about long days, warm nights, and golden-hour inspired makeup looks. If you’re looking for the best makeup trends for summer 2021, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 beauty trends for summer that are sure to bring the heat. 

Glossy & Peachy Lips

Pucker up–lips are having a moment! To keep your lips hydrated this summer, applying a layer of lip-gloss over them will do just the trick. If you’re feeling peachy, brightening your lips with the fresh shade is a must. The flattering color can elevate any beach, picnic, or date-night look.

Rosy Cheeks

Who doesn’t love rosy cheeks? Popping pink cream blush onto the apples of your checks and blending it out will help you look sun-kissed for summer.

Bold Colorful Eyes  

Stand-out from the crowd in a vibrant eye look. From bright eyeliners and volumizing mascaras, it’s time to get to work and create a sun-sational floating liner design. Trending colors that’ll help your eyes pop are yellows, pinks, whites, oranges, greens, and blues.

Beachy Glow 

Summer isn’t complete without a trip to the beach. If you’re looking to radiate beach-vibes daily, add a tinted cream bronzer to your cheekbones, neck, and collarbone. To replicate the appearance of just getting out of the warm ocean waters, DMI recommends applying a lighter cream highlighter.

Protective SPF 

Creating fun makeup looks for summer 2021 is on every makeup-gurus to-do list, but the last thing anyone wants is to leave the skin unprotected. Before you apply any makeup to your face, it’s vital to layer an SPF sunscreen 30 or higher on it. This will help prevent it from burning under the hot summer sun.

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